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Dez, cis female.
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추석 때 그린 거라…. 글씨는 가볍게 무시.



"Son," the father says, examining the broken petri dishes littered about the floor, "I’m not a mad scientist, I’m just a disappointed scientist.”



this is more education about your vagina than you’ll receive in a US public school system so. read up! men too!

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I think South was more jealous of Theta than North. A lot of people squawk about her being jealous that North got Theta when she didn’t get an A.I and I just. Like, I mean, yeah she was pissed not to have an A.I, that was obvious but, I think what hurt her more was that Theta had all of North’s time instead of her. He was taking care of Theta more, he was focused more on him than her, spending his time training and working with Theta, and she didn’t get the same amount of attention she used to from him. 

I feel she was jealous of Theta having North more than North having theta. I think she was scared to be replaced by Theta, scared to lose her brother to an A.I. It was her and her brother for so much of everything, missions together and I mean, she was obviously upset when he went on a big mission without her in The Sarcophagus, and Idk, I just feel she was more angry and upset at having to share her brother than anything, him working so well with Theta when he used to work like that with her.

He was her twin and it’s hard to get much closer than that unless you’re literally in someone’s mind and then Theta did that and Idk, I think a lot of her resentment for the A.Is and her jealous was because she felt Theta was worming between her and her brother. She wasn’t his priority anymore. 

I have to agree with this honestly and truly, which honestly makes the outcome that much more painful in the end.

The experiment conducted by Project Freelancer on the Dakotas was that one of them was given an A.I. unit while the other was not, and the effects on both of them was monitored closely. Although they were obviously both very skillful agents they were specifically handpicked for this project for that very reason. It was their close bond and shared history that made them so very important.

And in the end, the experiment proved that even two people as wholly inseparable as the Dakota twins (who were treated the same, dressed alike, referred to consistently as one whole solid entity) could be torn apart with the right leverage and pressure in the right places.

But I don’t think anyone considered the place South’s jealousy and rage came from.

She wasn’t jealous of North for having an A.I., she was jealous of Theta for having her brother’s attention; his time and care. North gets increasingly more exasperated with South while simultaneously taking more and more care of Theta, and she winds up furious enough to fight him over it. It’s such a brutal subversion of their codependence that it makes my heart physically ache.

After all, does her speech to Wash, her sheer reckless taunting of a man with a gun pointed at her head, speak of someone who isn’t grieving half of herself?

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What we had ‒ a beautiful magic love there
What a sad beautiful tragic love affair
We had a beautiful magic love there
What a sad beautiful tragic love affair


granny no


granny no


Heimdall takes the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Payment is accepted in the form of gold bars, credit card, or indentured servitude. Damaged products are sold ‘as is’ and are not eligible for refunds, even if their frontal lobes are missing.

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